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Kyle Crookshank

I’ve been involved in the creation of content for the world wide web since the days of Geocities and Angelfire. Watching it grow and change over the years into what we utilize today has certainly been an entertaining experience.

Professionally I’ve worked on a variety of formats and platforms. Some simple and some complex. I’ve got a background in the arts: photography, and graphic design, and my degree is a BFA in Web Design and Interactive Media. Additionally I am CompTIA Security+ CE Certified. I’ve leveraged this education and expanded my skillset into programming, system administration, cybersecurity, and devops and in 2022 I received training in being a SAFe Agile Scrum Master and have served as a small team’s scrum master in a large group of teams.

On a more personal level my passions revolve around how I show my love: feeding people! Interested in trying unusual flavors and ideas my kitchen is flowing with fresh produce and a plethora of seasonings and spices. I have a slew of cookbooks and have collected favorite recipes and memorized several go-to dishes to feed my family when we’re having trouble deciding on dinner.

This grew into another hobby! I’m an avid gardener and am always trying to explore what I can grow from seed. It is such a pleasure to be able to pick fresh produce for use with dinner and tasting something non commercially grown can really inspire. My backyard is a jungle at times when in full swing.

This all stemmed from a life lesson I took to heart:

If you want something you should make it! You want that hot fudge sundae? Well make the ice cream, make the hot fudge and then you will appreciate and respect better the relationship we humans have with food.